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20.03.2020 23:57

The best exercises to slim your legs. Спорт.

The best exercises to slim your legs

Summer is getting closer but there is still time to slim your legs in view of the costume test. Stubborn fat accumulation on the legs is the sworn enemy of many women. With an adequate training program, you can get excellent results and have slender and toned legs in a few minutes a day. The important thing is to have perseverance and determination and not take literally the aesthetic diktats of the moment, such as the insane obsession with the thigh gap.

Our practical proposal includes 4 simple exercises to streamline the legs and reduce the imperfections of cellulite. But keep in mind that there is no real spot reduction work (localized weight loss). If you want to melt the fat on your legs, targeted training alone is not enough, you must steroides anabolisants en France a vendre necessarily combine aerobic training with muscle toning, which, in addition to improving cardiovascular efficiency, allows you to significantly increase your energy expenditure.

How to lose weight at home

Do not rush to look for a set of exercises for the legs. The fact is that without an understanding of the principles of losing weight, achieving a noticeable result will not work. In the best case, a person will stagnate, wasting time and effort.

Remember: getting rid of fat in one specific place on the body is physiologically impossible. The effect of wrapping with cling film or wool belt is due to the loss of fluid, which is replenished several hours after training.

If you ask how to lose weight in the legs, first of all, understand the principles on which fat burning is based. There are two of them:

  1. Effective energy consumption.
  2. Calorie deficiency.

For weight loss, just dieting is ineffective. You must regularly exercise. However, not all of them are suitable for this purpose. It is necessary to select such a complex, which would spend maximum energy.

It should include multi-joint movements on large muscle groups: legs, back and pectoral. In the gym, an example of such movements is squats with a barbell on the shoulders, deadlift, bench press on a horizontal bench.

It is clear that not everyone has special equipment at home. Therefore, we consider a simplified set of exercises for training the legs.

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